Your past does not define your future. And Rick is proof of that. On today’s episode of the Music Industry Blueprint Podcast, Rick shares his personal story.  Starting from how he was exposed to alcohol at such a young age and used cocaine. Then he became a drug dealer and an alcoholic right at the highlight of his career as the #1 DJ in Santa Barbara. He also tells how he got arrested several times and put in jail! If you haven’t heard Rick’s story, tune in now and discover how he turns his life around and came to where he is, helping other musicians to succeed by sharing his knowledge.

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“Drinking wasn’t the problem. Drugs and alcohol were but a symptom. The problem was that my personality and my ego felt that I was better than anybody else.”
-Rick Barker

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Time Stamps:

1:10 – Rick’s life living in Santa Barbara, his success and mistakes and why he’s very open about his past

4:16 – His family and career background and how he got exposed to alcohol at a young age

5:45 – Why he used cocaine and became a drug dealer while working as a DJ plus the first turning point in his life where he stopped cocaine and drugs and became sober

8:00 – How he made mistakes again and did some time for it

11:28 – The tipping point in his life and how he turns his life around

13:52 – How he came to know, teach and manage Taylor Swift

15:00 – Why he quit as a manager and why it is the best decision he ever made


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