On this episode of The Music Industry Blueprint, Rick sits down with musician, author, and founder of the world's first and only all-Asian American dance-rock band, Simon Tam. They go into depth on what you should be focusing your time on as an “entrepreneurial” artist. Also, stay tuned to hear how Simon’s band won their Supreme Court Case against the US government for their right to be called “The Slants”.

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“Social media is like the world’s biggest cocktail party. ”
-Simon Tam

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Time Stamps:

3:28 The difference between an entrepreneur, business person, and freelancer

6:44 Are you spending too much time learning and not enough time doing?

7:50 How to discern what information is you need to be successful

9:49 What you should be posting on social media

12:54 Rick’s best advice for musicians

14:55 Having the right mindset to build a fan base

20:27 Things that have helped Rick grow his business

31:42 The Slant’s unique niches

32:15 All about The Slants Supreme Court Case


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