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Let me show you how…

Dear Independent Artist,

It can cost anywhere from $1,500 – $7,500 a month to have an ad agency run your ads… which doesn’t even include the ad spend!

On top of that, 99% of these ad agencies know nothing about how to actually market for artists to attract real fans for their music!

I know you don’t have a record label marketing budget, so you don’t have that kind of money just sitting around, which is why, bottom line:

You need to learn how to do this yourself.

By doing so, you can take ownership of your marketing and quickly impact how many people your music can reach… and with all the money you’re saving, you can put it right back into your ads, which is what allows you to scale to the masses.


But wait, I realize you're probably thinking something to the tune of…

“Sounds great, Rick. But how in the heck am I supposed to learn how to start running my own ads, and make time for this on top of the 99 other things I’m currently doing everyday for my music?!?!

Look, I get it. Up until now, running your own ads probably sounds more like learning a foreing language, and just another hat to wear and to-do item you don’t have time for…

But that’s not the case anymore, thanks to the Ads Amplifier.

This course was created to teach you step-by-step how to actually create, run and manage Facebook and Instagram Ad Campaigns yourself via screen-capture videos and over-the-shoulder coaching.

But more than just how to create FB & IG Ads, this course also dives into the strategy for how to find and target your ideal music fan, and put the right creative and message in front of them to turn them into VIP Fans for life! (that will actually give you money)

Until I sat down with Taylor Dempsey and created this Social Media Ads course for artists, nothing like this even existed…

Sure, there are tons of social media advertising courses out there, but none that actually teach artists and musicians how to utilize this platform to target, connect and engage with real fans.

This is exactly why Taylor and I created the Ads Amplifier.

Not only will you get step-by-step, over-the-shoulder coaching on exactly how to set up the Facebook Ads Manager, structure your ad campaigns, and create engaging scroll-stopping ads

But we’ll also teach you the full-scale Facebook + Instagram Artist Advertising Strategy, including the 6 types of Ads you should be running to cost-effectively attract new fans and turn them into VIPs for life!

So if you’re ready to take the reins on your music marketing, I got something special for you…

If you order today, here’s everything you’re getting instant, lifetime access to…

The Facebook & Instagram Ads Masterclass

Inside this 2 ½ Hour Masterclass, Rick’s own media buyer, Matt Morse, takes you through a step-by-step deep dive on how to navigate the Facebook Ads Manager, setup the advertising campaigns and targeted ad sets, and how to actually create ads that convert!

6 Types of Ad Campaigns You Should be Running as and Artists

Now you’re ready to create your own ads! Rick and Taylor Dempsey walk you through, step-by-step, the six types of ads you should be running, how to set up the campaigns and exactly what ads to create for each!

Copywriting Masterclass

Professional copywriter Andy Jeffs take you through a 90-min masterclass on how to craft compelling ad copy that moves your desired audience to take action!

Examples of Real Ads that Convert!

We’ll take you through real examples of real ads that are killing it right now, and show you how you can do it too! Plus: we’ll show you the little-known tool that you can utilize to see your competitors’ ads…

PLUS, you’ll also receive two exclusive BONUS TRAININGS on Youtube and TikTok Advertising, unlocked from inside the Music Marketing Vault!

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If you’re still on the fence, let me ask you a tough question”

How much money did you make with your music last year?

Second question:

How much money did you spend on marketing your music?

Whatever the answers are to these two questions, I’m sure they’re probably not where you want them to be.

Look, I get it. You do this because you love music, but at some point it’s either gonna be an expensive hobby or something you can make real money on…

This is why we built Ads Amplifier.

We want to help you turn your passion into a full time career, and we believe in 2022, utilizing this platform is the most efficient and effective way to grow and scale your music career.

The price on Ads Amplifier was originally $497, and we easily could’ve charged $1,000+ for this package of information, strategy and play-by-play processes…

But for the reasons mentioned above, we wanted to make this as affordable as possible for the people who need it… So let me ask you thIs:

Is your music career worth 40 cents a day for a year?

Cause that’s all you’re going to pay — $147 one-time — for lifetime access to the Ads Amplifier, which will enable you with all the tools you need to market and scale your music FAST.

Get Instant Access Today For Just

$497 $147