Today, we're doing another Q&A style video where I'll be answering some more commonly asked questions. I've had many people ask what they should do marketing wise when their audience is older. So I discuss the best method for engaging with an older fanbase when it comes to social media marketing. I also ALWAYS get asked about how often artists should be posting on social media platforms – and while my answer has changed slightly through the last year, I give my advice on what to do NOW – where and how many times you should be posting a day! People ask me all of the time whether or not I'm still “looking” for artists to manage… the answer is no. BUT, in the video, I do mention how I'm currently working with artists (and how WE could possibly work together in the future). And finally, artists ALWAYS want to know about Spotify, and how to release music on that platform. So in regards to whether or not you should be releasing singles versus whole albums, I also touch on that in this Q&A. 👍🏻

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