Today I discuss all of the things both myself and my clients have been incredibly guilty of in the last year. This is a good reminder for you all to not participate in these mistakes in the coming year, as it will only hinder your success. If you're wanting to take any steps forward in your business then these are the things you will most definitely want to avoid. Make sure to not only be a great starter this year, but also a great finisher. It's no good to start something and never actually complete it. Stay on top of your projects this year and GET THEM DONE. Also, don't be complacent – don't get comfortable. We need to always make sure to be striving for the next thing, planning, executing, and following through. But make sure to not take on too much at once, because this will only overwhelm you and hinder you from getting anything completed! If you're anything like me, you take on too much and don't even know where to start so little progress is made. Also, STOP TRYING TO FIGURE STUFF OUT ON YOUR OWN! There are experts out there that can help you with ANYTHING and EVERYTHING. Don't waste your time trying to master everything in your business! Hire people to do the things you can't and you'll save yourself a lot of time and effort. And finally, make sure to use the tools that are right in front of you. Don't keep overlooking them and taking them for granted. It's important to utilize those things that you already have in your possession. Don't overlook them. I hope this helps you take on the new year with a new perspective and that 2020 becomes your most successful year yet!
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