Rick and John talk about the fundamentals of advertising on Facebook for the music industry.  John has a video out to help artists, around the world, learn how to put ads on Facebook and have a fantastic ROI if done correctly.  Some of the information can seem overwhelming, but the fundamentals are pretty simple, and to succeed as an artist, you must be willing to communicate with the correct audience.   

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“In the real world, businesses don’t really run that way…you find a market, figure out what it wants, you spend money, and focus on getting that ROI”
-John Oszajca

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Time Stamps:

2:16 – Did you think the internet was just a “fad” when it first came out?

6:02 – John ran his first ad for a friend on the internet in 2009

7:20 – Working outside the “system” allows you to cut out the middleman

11:15 – What is one of the main problems with labels?

18:13 – Rick finds out what a “module” is

19:45 – What is the Dynamic Creative?

26:59 – Don’t try to outthink Facebook




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