What happens when Rick gets into an interesting conversation on Twitter? He gets the person’s number and continues the convo on the podcast of course! This episode is unconventional but jampacked with music advice for the new artist. Listen in as he gives his twitter follower actionable steps to succeed.  It’s time to turn up the volume and listen in.

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“The only person I have to blame of my business failing is me.”

– Rick Barker

Music Industry Blueprint

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Time Stamps:

1:45 Phone conversation with Joshua, Rick's Twitter Follower

3:15 Major Label  System is not powerful for every artist

6:44 Who to blame if your music business fail

7:33 The importance of finding the right audience for your music

10:19 Find out the power of consumers dictating the demand for great music

11:26 Rick gives Joshua actionable steps to do

14:38 Do you need to have a fund to get your music out

17:09 Where to put your energy and focus as a new artist

19:04 Differences between superstar and a good artist

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