Rick sits down with Ian Clifford, founder of makeitinmusic.com, to discuss the importance of email marketing. While some think it’s a dead art, Ian and Rick explain why it is a necessity for every “do it yourself” artist. In addition, they give you the rundown on how to build a mailing list and an effective marketing sequence as well. Plus listen in for the exclusive offer only for MIB podcast listeners!

“In the past 10 years the importance a website and mailing list hasn’t changed at all. Obviously social media sites have come and gone and that’s a real indicator of why your mailing list should be a primary method of reaching out to your fan base.”

-Ian Clifford

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Key Highlights:  

Why having an email marketing strategy is still relevant

Effective strategies for obtaining people's email addresses

What a compelling email marketing strategy should look like


Time Stamps:

3:10 Is email marketing still relevant?

4:45 The difference between a follower on Facebook/Instagram and someone on your email list

6:24 Proper email communication 101

7:13 Effective strategies for obtaining people's email addresses

10:45 The importance of being a “do it yourself” artist

13:22 How your website and email marketing sequence should go

15:20 Becoming a dork about your data

16:36 Insider tip: Ask your fans things about themselves




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