Today on The Music Industry Blueprint, Rick sits down with the creator of Female Entrepreneur Musician Podcast & Female Musician Academy, Bree Noble. On this episode Bree and Rick discuss why you need to know your purpose as a musician.  Also, tune in to find out how other artists are utilizing Facebook live and Facebook retargeting.

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“You need to tailor your music business for what works for you.”
-Bree Noble


The Music Industry Blueprint

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Time Stamps:

4:00 The 5 stages of music career growth

7:33 Why social media presence is a must when your on Spotify

8:50 What are your business responsibilities as an artist

9:18 Are your fans sharing your music?

10:25 How Bree started with house concerts

12:25 Understanding why connecting with your fans is important

14:00 How to utilize Facebook Live and re-targeting

17:24 How fans develop a relationship with you

21:30 Why you must know your “why”

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