If you need someone to help you in your music career, so you can focus on your art, then the answer is ‘Muziqueen’ Thalia Ewing. Like Rick, Thalia also has a servant’s heart who loves to help and educate people. Going back home, she saw the need to become one of the pioneers to help musicians with publishing and songwriting. On today’s episode, Rick and Thalia discuss what and how it is in the music industry today. They also talk about how they help musicians avoid mistakes and save them from frustration, headache, and heartache.

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“Once you step out on faith and follow what you’re supposed to do, the universe and God starts to work on your behalf.”
-Thalia ‘Muziqueen’ Ewing

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2:16 – Thalia’s background, her passion for music and why she pursue her dreams in New York

5:40 – What is mechanical licensing

7:41 – The reason why Thalia went back to Nashville and how she became one of the pioneers that help musicians in publishing and other areas of their career

11:49 – Why Nashville is a great place for people in the music industry

12:58 – How most people don’t really understand the ins and outs of the music industry and how Rick and Thalia helps them  

16:12 – Thalia’s biggest frustration in her business and Rick’s advise to help her deal with it

20:03 – The problem with people who are not ready to do the work and provide the right tools to succeed in the music business

22:23 – All about the Muziqueen – how Thalia helps musicians anywhere in the world in the areas of publishing and songwriting

26:09 – Why most people create mistakes in their music career


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