On today’s episode of the Music Industry Blueprint, Rick interviews Michael Warner, the founder and curator of Work Hard Playlist Hard. Michael has been in the music industry for more than 15 years and he has made his site in order to help new artists get more exposure through many popular playlists. Tune in to learn about his business, the submission process on the site, the best ways to improve yourself as an up-and-coming artist, and much more.

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Don't go pitching a song that isn't going to fit any of my playlists, pitch me what you think is your strongest song that is going to fit. Do your research.

-Michael Warner

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Time Stamps:

3:12 – Introducing Michael Warner and his company Work Hard Playlist Hard

9:04 – The submission process on Work Hard Playlist Hard

12:48 – Sound and production quality needed for submission

17:41 – Start from the bottom, don’t shoot for the biggest names in the industry

24:10 – Submission fee and what’s it for

28:46 – You can build relationships with curators, or you can pay someone who has them

32:58 – How Michael’s Work Hard Playlist Hard ebook came to be

38:31 – Best practices and realistic numbers for artists and playlists


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