Grab and pen and paper! Today Rick shares insider tips on how to interact with fans, face to face. He gives practical information on how to manage the time that you spend with your fans so that things don’t get chaotic. Also, discover some of the best practices for selling your merchandise.

“You never want to be so big that you don’t have time for your fans, they are the only thing that keep you alive.”
-Rick Barker

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The Music Industry Blueprint

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Time Stamps:

1:50 What goes on at the CMA Music Fest

4:17 Tips on maintaining your fan base

4:55 When is it ok to approach someone famous?

5:30 What to do when you're with a fan and time is limited

6:33 Why you shouldn’t rush fans if you have the time

7:29 How to set limits when doing meet and greets

8:05 How to move your merchandise during meet and greets

9:25 How to get people to your merchandise table

10:10 Utilizing the best time to sell merchandise


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