Did you know that the majority of artists that are signed to labels are in debt? In fact, there are more independent artists making money than there are signed to labels. On this episode of the Music Industry Blueprint, Rick is joined by Greg Wilnau from the Musician Monster’s podcast. Tune in to find out how this independent artist went from working a job he hated to making money off of his music.

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I realized that the only reason why I wasn’t making money from my music was because I was hoping that someone else would come along and do it for me.  

-Greg Wilnau

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Key Highlights:  
⇾Discover why you may be better off as an independent artist

⇾Find out the 1st step to making income off of live performances

⇾Understand the mindset you need as an independent artist

Time Stamps:

3:36 From a broke band drummer to business owner/world traveler

5:39 This is what you need to do if you want to get anywhere in life

6:45 Why you are better off being an independent artist vs signed to a label

8:40 Owning up to your decisions and stop being dependant on others

11:40 The 1st step to creating income from your music

13:57 Advice to musicians who do not like to ask for money

16:51 How Taylor Swift encouraged her fans to meet her

17:38 Breaking the ice with an honest story

21:36 The mindset shift that allowed Greg to live off of his music




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