On this episode of the Music Industry Blueprint special guest Logan Young joins Rick to discuss branding, storytelling and some key information about social media marketing. Logan is the co-founder and head of training for Blitzmetrics. Blitzmetrics creates Facebook dashboards and micro-targeted ad campaigns for brands such as the Golden State Warriors, Nike, and Rosetta Stone.  

“Failures are either stumbling blocks or stepping stones, it’s really up to you.”

– Logan Young


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Key Highlights:  

⇾ Dealing with rejection

⇾ Tips for branding and storytelling

⇾ Plumbing – Know what’s going on with the content you put out


Time Stamps:

02:19 Logan Young’s backstory

04:20 Being rejected by other creatives

04:45 What kept Logan going after many failures

08:40 Tips for branding and storytelling

10:47 Focus on being you

12:44 Plumbing – Knowing what is going on with the content you put out there

16:15 The story of the bologna principle


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