Because of my background in radio, I'm able to dive into a deep discussion about radio. In this video I talk about radio tour with Taylor Swift, what it really consisted of, how expensive it was, and why it's not something I recommend for most indie artists. Radio play in general is no where near as important as it used to be, and because it's so incredibly expensive I advise artists to spend their money elsewhere – on Facebook ads, Instagram ads, Spotify playlist ads, etc. It's important to be efficient with where you're spending your money and I know you can get more exposure to YOUR target audience by taking it into your own hands through ads rather than leaving it up to radio. These days, Spotify allows indie artists to have their own “radio station,” and I talk about how you can do that in this new video. So make sure to check it out if you're wanting to learn more about radio tour, relevance of radio play, whether or not you should try to participate in radio, what you can do to be prepared for it, and how to efficiently spend your money as an independent artist so that it gives you the best results. 👍🏻



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