Let’s face it, the music industry has drastically changed. But is it for better or worse? Some new artists argue that streaming has made it very difficult for up and coming artists. Rick shares his thoughts on this topic. Tune in to find out why this might be the best time to be in the music industry.

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“We need to spend more time adjusting to the way things are [in the music industry] instead of complaining about the way we wish things were.”

-Rick Barker

Music Industry Blueprint

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Time Stamps:

1:55 Adapting to the changes in the industry

2:20 Opportunities to test your market and build your audience

2:50 The advantages of modern technology for the music industry

3:55 How most artist’s make their money

1:30 Learning how to utilize streaming

5:34 Why it’s a good time to be in the music industry

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