Are you really in the music business or is it just an expensive hobby? Find out the harsh truth on this episode of the Music Industry Blueprint. Rick delves into the necessity of having a marketing budget and a strong relationship with your fan base to bring in the revenue.

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“If you can’t get 1000 fans to give you $5, you haven’t built a strong enough relationship with them.”

– Rick Barker

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Key Highlights:  

⇾ Are you treating your music like a hobby or a business

⇾ Shocking results from Rick’s revenue survey of 200 artists

⇾ Building a profitable relationship with your fans


Time Stamps:

1:36 Are you treating your music as a hobby or a business?

3:37 Facebook changes- Your content MUST be high quality and engaging

4:28 Artists must learn how to market

5:49 Rick’s artist revenue survey

6:14 A harsh reality- if you don't make $5000 a year on music, you’re not in the music industry

7:26 You have to think of your music as a business

7:51 Build a relationship with your fans

8:10 Facebook marketing tips


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