On today’s episode of the Music Industry Blueprint Podcast, Rick talks with Dawn Beyer. Dawn is an independent singer/songwriter and online mentor. She started her career at Nashville and Broadway. But what makes her successful is when she starts singing live on Facebook. Discover how she make it big on Facebook and what motivates her to keep doing what she's doing.

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“Once I got clear on what it was making it real for me, doors just started opening for me.”
-Dawn Beyer

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1:57 – Dawn’s background as a singer/songwriter in Nashville and in Broadway

4:25 – How she started singing on Facebook live and make money out of it

5:40 – Growing her Facebook page connection, increasing her music influence and making albums

9:57 – The importance of consistently putting music online

11:10 – How she went to 30 different places because of her live music on Facebook

12:16 – Dawn’s mindset and how she motivates herself to keep singing live and doing what she’s doing

14:03 – Doing online workshop and giving guitar and songwriting lessons

15:08 – All about her exclusive Facebook group and the importance of having a consistent source of income

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