Looking for more ways to monetize your music? Then you don’t want to miss this episode! Rick sits down with Tony Van Veen, CEO of CD Baby and Disc Makers. Together they discuss the fundamentals of what makes indie artists successful. They also share great ideas for bundling and pricing, and how to get creative with the merch you offer.

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“You are never too small to start connecting with fans.”
-Tony Van Veen

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Time Stamps:

1:22 The history behind Tony Van Veen, Disc Maker and CD Baby

7:30 The business side of indie music

8:40 How CDbaby can help monetize your music

10:28 The fundamentals of success for the indie artist

12:00 Are physical CD’s a lost cause?

16:00 Creative pricing ideas

19:30 Let’s talk merch costs

30:21 The secret to why some people are more successful than others

39:23 The DIY Musician conference



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