Going into the new year, I have a few predictions about how the music business may be changing in 2020. First off, I feel that major label artists will be opting out of their deals and seeking out more of a label services deal instead. Secondly, I can definitely see shorter contracts coming into play on the management side and the record company side. The thrill is gone of thinking you need to be with a record label to be “successful.” Third, I'm thinking that record company contracts will allow their artists to gain control of their masters sooner after recoupment. Fourth, I believe crowd-funding companies are going to disappear because fans are more nervous about giving their money over to someone (or something) other than the artists themselves. I can see artists starting to crowdfund on their own websites. And finally, I'm predicting that major labels will be hiring more people from digital marketing world rather than those with a music business degree. I think this will ultimately lead to a better music business ecosystem.


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