I've noticed that musician branding is often misunderstood in the industry. Your music brand is way more than just your music. Today I interview Matej H who is an expert on music artist branding. In the episode you’ll learn:

  • How to build a personal musician brand with social media.
  • Becoming an entrepreneur in the music industry.
  • Specific strategies to grow your musician branding.

Musician branding is your story, morals, and passion. It is not just your font and your logo. Make a year goal, then reverse engineer the process. Break it down into quarterly and monthly goals. What does that look like in each social media platform? Make a strategy for Facebook, YouTube, Instagram. Then break it down into small weekly tasks. Start at the goal and work backward.

You always can be building a content library of still images, videos and quotes. You also can be repurposing assets that otherwise would be thrown away. For example tracking sheets can be used as giveaways to fans for memorabilia.

When they would change out Taylor Swift’s guitar strings, they used to just throw them away. So I would have them take the old string into a package and have Taylor sign and also put what shows she did. I did the same thing for her drummer’s drumsticks and had Taylor sign them.

When I coach clients I tell them, every day your goal should be to get your music out to as many people as possible. As artists, we should be thinking about the “bait” we are using to grow a following. This is how we should think about a personal brand.

Today there are so many ways to speak and reach audiences. Are you differentiating yourself and sharing your unique personality with your audience? Some artists make a branding checklist to make sure they are showing up each day and putting out content. What will you do today?

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