On today’s show, Rick is joined by Dave Cool from Bandzoogle. They discuss the importance of artists having their own website. Dave and Rick discuss new features from Bandzoogle as well as the necessities for a user-friendly, functioning website. Tune in to hear more about what features need to be included on your site.

“If you have poor quality images on your site, people are going to make a judgment about your music before they even hear it. ”
-Dave Cool

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Key Highlights:  

⇾Find out why you need a website

⇾The top 3 mistakes artists make on their websites

⇾Discover the “must haves” for your website features

Time Stamps:

5:13 A little bit about Bandzoogle

6:29 Bandzoogle website features

7:11 Why you need a website

8:05 Dave Cool’s Backstory

10:20 Common mistakes artists make on their websites

16:00 Utilizing electronic press kits

18:04 The must-haves for a website

18:49 Bandzoogle email tools



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