What happened after Rick quits as Taylor Swift’s manager? How did he come to do the things that he’s doing now to help musicians succeed in their career? Find out on today’s episode as Rick continue his story. Rick shared the problems he observed in the music industry and how he made it his goal to be the solutions guy and help change peoples lives and the world along the way.

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Time Stamps:

1:21 – What Rick did after resigning as Taylor Swift’s manager

2:39 – The ugly scenario that he saw in the music industry when he came to Nashville

5:44 – How he made it his goal to be the solutions guy in the music business

7:00 – When he starts being a coach, put everything he knew online and launched the Music Industry Blueprint

7:40 – The importance of understanding what you can control

9:08 – Changing people’s lives and the world by helping musicians get their music out and reach as many people as possible

9:43 – Do you have what it takes to be coached by Rick?




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