If you were a brand new artist and someone offered you $5000 to invest in your music business what would you spend it on? This is the question Rick is addressing today. A lot of new artists would assume the best thing to do is to record a song and hire a PR firm to push it to radio. WRONG! Rick shares what he would strategically do so that there is an opportunity for more investments in the future.


“It’s a lot easier to go back and ask for more investment money if they see that you spent wisely on your first investment.”

-Rick Barker

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Time Stamps:

1:56 The scenario: What do you invest in when you are brand new?

3:11 The first step – Educate yourself

4:30 Invest in good video equipment

5:29 Invest in a vocal program

6:09 Invest in training for weak areas

7:02 What to do with your first 4-5 songs

7:22 Working your socials




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