Today’s episode is part 2 of Q & A with Rick and iLL Factor from The Beat Academy. Grab a pen and paper as these two music industry entrepreneurs teach you how to manage your time between engaging with your audience online and creating music. They also dive into how to promote your EP before and after its release and how to register your music properly.    

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“There is no shortcut for success, but there is a shortcut for time.”
-Rick Barker

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2:33 – Managing your time engaging with your audience online and creating your music

5:33 – How to effectively promote your EP in social media before and after its release

8:43 – Why Rick and iLL Factor do what they do – teaching and sharing their knowledge

11:20 – ASCAP and Distrokid – what are they and why do you need them both

14:04 – What else do you need to register your music properly




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