Do you want to manage a band or become a music producer? Are you a newbie songwriter/singer who wants to grow your music influence from zero? On this last part of Q and A with Rick and iLL Factor of Beat Academy, they delve into what does it takes to become a good manager or producer.  They also talk about the mindset you should have if you are just getting started and how to grow your influence from zero. And what’s more, Rick gave tips on how often should you release or share your music.

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“Just because you promoted something for a month, now it’s old. It’s old for you, it’s brand new for somebody else every day.”
-Rick Barker

Music Industry Blueprint

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Time Stamps:

2:10 – The mentality and attitude of a good music manager or producer

5:17 – Rick’s story on how he became Taylor Swift’s manager

7:00 – Growing your influence from zero plus the mindset a new artist should have

9:55 – How often do you have to release your music

12:22 – Active and passive listening – how to know if people are connecting to your music


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