It’s Q and A time on the Music Industry Blueprint Podcast. Rick is scrolling down Twitter and Instagram and answering your questions.  In this episode Rick gives valuable advice for aspiring songwriters that want to get the attention of artists and labels. Also, find out what you could be potentially wasting your time on as an independent artist and where that time would be better spent.


“What I see most independent artists not doing, is putting a value on their time.”

-Rick Barker

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Key Highlights:  

⇾ Valuable marketing advice for aspiring songwriters

⇾ Which social platforms you need to be active on

⇾ Find out where you should be spending your time as an independent artist


Time Stamps:

01:24 What’s the hardest part about the music industry/business?

03:39 What advice do you have on presenting your songs to artists/labels if you are a new writer?

05:22 Do you see podcasts becoming more prominent than they already are?

06:30 Advice for aspiring songwriters

08:37 Should I be active on all social media platforms?

10:35 What is something you see independent artists wasting their time on?

12:31 What's an effective way to approach playlist curators?

13:41 Should I move to Nashville as a business move?


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