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Brand Your Music Like A Billboard-Charting Artist

There are so many artists today. You have to stand out from everyone else if you want your music to get hear. Billboard-charting artists trust Greg from MusicianMonster with their brand and so do I. He has a free cheatsheet with 3 ways to match your music with a visual brand.

Master Music Licensing

If you are interested in getting your music into films, tv, commercials. The world of Sync Licensing is the way to go and no one explains it better than Michael Elsner. Grab a free copy of his Book as my treat to you.

Recording Revolution: How To Record Radio Ready Songs

Recording your own songs isn’t as hard as you think. Graham Cochrane will show you step by step just how easy it is with only your computer and affordable equipment you can get at any music store. His free workshop will give you 5 recording & mixing hacks to create a radio-worthy song.


After your music, the most important thing you own is your website. The tools and resources that Bandzoogle provides for musicians to run their music like a business, in my opinion, is the absolute best. Get a free 30 day trial on me.


Seth Mosley and Rick Barker break down the EXACT PROCESS that Nashville Songwriters who consistently write hits always follow. 

It’s been said thousands of times in the industry: it all starts with a song. You need so much to have a successful music career, but if it isn’t built upon a foundation of hit songs, it will never truly get off the ground. In this FREE VIDEO TRAINING, Rick Barker (former manager to Taylor Swift) and Seth Mosley (GRAMMY® Winning Songwriter) discuss top Nashville strategies to make sure that you not only write hit songs, but that you write them quickly and consistently.

If you were meant to write hit songs, it won’t happen on its own. You need to work and develop your craft.

This video will set you on the right path for success.

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