Did you know that 1 in 5 Americans listening to a podcast in their busy schedules? You’re not the only one that listens to podcasts, Rick is a huge podcast fan as well. Podcasts are super convenient and they’re the best way to gain knowledge on topics that interest you. On this episode of the Music Industry Blueprint, Rick shares his 6 favorite podcasts. These podcasts have shaped and molded Rick into who he is today. And we know they will be a great resource for you as well.

“I’m going to give you access to the tools to get you out of whatever situation you happen to be in. [But] you ultimately have to do the work .”
-Rick Barker

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Key Highlights:  

⇾Find out which podcast Rick practically got an MBA in marketing from
⇾Discover who’s mailing list you NEED to be on
⇾Rick shares his absolute favorite podcast

Time Stamps:

[spp-timestamp time=”2:57″] Rick practically got an MBA in marketing from listening to this podcast
[spp-timestamp time=”3:47″] Even if you don’t subscribe to this podcast, you NEED their newsletter
[spp-timestamp time=”4:33″] This guy will give you all the tools for a no-nonsense approach to marketing
[spp-timestamp time=”5:59″] If you need help with the technical side of the music industry this show is for you
[spp-timestamp time=”6:46″] Want to stay up to date with what's going on in the music industry? Try this podcast
7:10 Rick’s absolute favorite podcast

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