I asked the question “what's your biggest roadblock you as an artist are facing right now. With over 70+ comments, over the next few days we're going to go over some of them. If you didn't see that post, you can see it here: https://www.facebook.com/themusicindustryblueprint/posts/1058837964160900

One that was brought up multiple times was “finding the right people“.

So how do you find the right people?

In all honesty, if you're doing all the things taught in The Music Industry Blueprint AND you're ready, the right people will find you. BUT, you can always be working on putting yourself in the right situations to be around the right people. 

In almost every town, there's a “go to” venue, producer, promoter bouncer, bartender or anyone who is locally famous. How often are you putting yourself in the same places as these people. Are you watching how they move through crowds, how they react to situations, people and their environment. Do you pay attention to what they drink, what kind of clothes they have on and who their friends are.

While these people are potentially someone who can help you, don't ever forget they're normal people outside of their jobs. Look for ways to get into a conversation with them WITHOUT using your music or the fact that you're an artist as a lead in. Remember, you want something from them, they need nothing from you.

If you see someone that has a shirt on that has a sports team name on it, there's a real good chance they like that team. If they're wearing a Izod shirt, there's a good chance they like Golf. If you notice they're drinking an expensive brand of Scotch, there's a good chance they know a thing about Scotch. All these are potential conversation starters without putting them immediately on guard by bringing up the fact you're an artist. People are always more willing to work with/give chances to people they know than those they don't.

Same thing goes for finding the right musicians to play with. How often are you going to places these musicians play? There's a good chance they're friends with other musicians and those people are also there. Same thing as above applies to creating a conversation.

These are just a few out of the box ways to put yourself in a better situation to find the right people. They're out there, the question is what are you doing to find them that's different than what everyone else is doing.