In this episode of the Music Industry Blueprint Podcast, Rick interviews Cheryl B. Engelhardt. She’s a musician and composer who has 4 records out and has toured internationally. This advice goes out to all the artists who are having difficulty with their email lists. Tune in for tips and tricks to convert your fans, warm up your list, and start up proper email conversations.

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“What you think is not interesting is often interesting to other people.”
-Cheryl B. Engelhardt

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Time Stamps:

5:58 – How to network as an artist

7:35 – Why it’s important to have proper email conversations

8:54 – Keeping a relationship with your email list

10:36 – The million dollar tip for email conversion

12:35 – How to warm up an email list

16:26 – What doesn’t work in email lists

21:14 – The three points of excitement to convert a consumer



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