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“I don’t care if you’re new to social media marketing or a total technophobe…if you’re willing to put in the work, I’ll show you how easy it is to get your music out into the world using the tools that are available to all of us!”

From: Rick Barker

America’s #1 Music Business Coach

If you’d like to know a simple way to grow an engaged audience of music loving fans, sell more tickets and merchandise, and make a full-time income from your music…without spending endless hours a day on social media…then here’s how thousands of independent musicians like you have done it (and why you can, too).

My name is Rick Barker…

Many know me as Taylor Swift’s former manager. I’ve also managed other major label artists, worked as a consultant for Sony and Big Machine Records, and acted as the Social Media Mentor for American Idol contestants. I’m the best-selling co-author of The $150,000 Music Degree and I’m widely considered one of the music industry’s premier marketing and business strategists. Since resigning as Taylor Swift’s Manager in 2008…

I’ve Made It My Mission To Help Artists Like You
Grow And Monetize A Fanbase! 👍

And I take it VERY seriously.

With over 3,500 clients in 22 countries and a wide variety of genres, I’ve been blessed to be able to help countless musicians like you finally live their dream of going full-time with their music.

Here’s why this is important for you:

My Social Media For Music training is specifically designed to show you how to rapidly build a loyal following of rabid fans who will eagerly engage with you, buy your music and your merchandise, and pay to see you play live, or via livestream…

Even If You’re Starting With Less Than A Few
Hundred Followers And You’ve Never Used A Hashtag Before! 😯

I’m not screwing around with this, either.

If you’re already having some success with social media, then you’ll learn advanced strategies and tactics that’ll help you grow your audience, your income, and save you time, too.

However, before you read any further, let’s get one thing straight:

👉 This is WORK.

What I teach inside Social Media For Music takes time and dedication.

If you’re looking for “instant”, or “push-button”…

…or if you expect to gain hundreds of thousands of followers in the next 30 days (like some social media gurus out there promise)…

This program is NOT for you.

If, on the other hand, you’re willing to dedicate just one hour a day, I’ll show you the same ‘how-to’s’, techniques, and tools I’ve used to help thousands of other artists like you break through to the next level of their careers.

You don’t need a major label record deal to be successful. (But if that’s what you want, these strategies can also be used to attract major label attention.)

You don’t need any experience with social media.

You don’t need a budget for ads.

All You Need Is A Phone, An Internet Connection,
And A Willingness To Follow Instructions! 📲

I’ll supply the rest.

The videos inside Social Media For Music are the first of their kind. I shot the videos “workshop style” in front of a live audience. This audience was made up of my clients who pre-ordered and paid for the training before it was even created.

You might ask yourself this. Why would someone pay for something before it is even created? The answer is simple. Because of their trust in what I have done already for them in their own careers.

You see, I don’t teach THEORY. I teach what is working TODAY and more importantly what is working in my own business and in my client’s music business.

They also did it because they are Action Takers. In my experience, it is the Action Takers who have the best success. If you are that type of person, you can get my Action Takers Bonus Now!

First, here’s just a handful of the advanced social media strategies you’ll discover:

The only social media platforms you should care about (and WHY!)

A little-talked-about way to use Instagram to quickly build your base
(Instagram is my current darling and where I invest most of my time. When you use this feature, it lets you easily capture both the attention of your followers…and THEIR followers too)!

A very important (but almost unknown) “trick” that lets you train your followers and fans to leave comments! 💬
(Anybody can get likes. Likes don’t count as engagement. Here’s how you take them from follower to loyal follower.)

​The social media “meal plan” secret that tells you what to post (and when) for maximum response 🍽
​#1 best type of video to post on YouTube to get a high number of views…and increase your odds of going viral!

Why the days of scheduling your Facebook posts and everyone seeing them are gone! (Instead, here’s what Facebook is focusing on now, so you know how to maximize your views.)

A “newbie proof” walkthrough of how to run your Instagram empire from your phone!
The fastest known way to turn your phone into your own personal “radio station” to broadcast your music 📻 (Artists today are controlling how and where their music is heard. The freedom this can create for you is amazing)!

A special way of doing stories that makes them almost impossible for your followers to ignore
(I know it sounds strange, but it works every time. Simply use this very specific type of story and watch your fan participation go through the roof)!

​Strategic techniques for how to find the most engaged fans on any platform…and interest them in your music!
A free website that lets you quickly and easily create branded images you can instantly upload to all your social media headers! 🎨
(Plus, use this tool to effortlessly create image posts that get attention)!
Find The Followers Who Are
Most Likely To Pay You For Your Music! 💰

Let’s keep going with a few more of the “goodies” you’ll find inside:

How to set up your own “virtual tip jar” when live streaming so your fans can instantly send you money! 💸 (This is how you turn your phone into your own personal ATM!)
​Insider secrets to using Facebook Creator Studio that will save you time (Worrying about what to post can be a major sticking point. Here’s a shortcut that you’ll probably never hear about anywhere else)!

All the equipment you need to have pro looking live streams…

​A simple “laundry list” of the best social media experts to follow (These are the people I learn from, and whose courses I invest in to stay current.)
Why Facebook is the absolute WORST way to promote outside links! (Facebook works best with native content only. That said, my artists are using a secret “loophole” to share outside links and not get penalized for them. See the module on Facebook to find out how)!
​A proven way to maximize engagement on YouTube 📈 (Do NOT overlook this! YouTube has been a very valuable tool for artists for a long time)

The life-changing secrets of going live on Facebook (Here’s how to use this “captive audience” to your advantage!)
about… Secret apps that let you shortcut your working time AND take a giant leap in your productivity

There’s just a small preview and what awaits you inside Social Media For Music.

There’s no theory or “fluff” in any of these videos.

Instead, every module is crammed with actionable tactics you can start using as soon as today to take your music career to the next level, grow your number of followers across the board, and earn more income from your music…

Without Wasting Hours A Day
On Social Media! 🙌

So how much does Social Media For Music cost?

Not nearly as much as you might think, especially when you consider that Berklee College of Music has a “Music Business Advanced Professional Certificate” program that costs $13,473.

And guess what?

It doesn’t even teach social media marketing! 🙄

Even my group management clients pay me $4,000 per year to help them with their social media.

But you don’t have to pay $13,000, $2,000, or even $500 today.

If I hear from you right now, I’ll give you access to the course for just $297. That’s a drop in the bucket compared to what my private clients have paid for this exact same information.

The entire course can be easily viewed on any PC or Mac, and you can even watch it on your phone using the Kajabi app. 💻📱

The strategies in Social Media For Music are working for me (yes, I promote myself on social media too… in fact, I’m the proud owner of a “verified” blue check mark).

They’ve worked for the THOUSANDS of musicians I’ve coached to a better life, getting paid to do what they love.

Will you see results like this for your career?

I can’t promise you that.

And anyone who says they can… is lying to you.

Look, I don’t know your work ethic, your willingness to take instruction, or the quality of your music.

I can tell you this: NO ONE woke up with an audience.
Everyone started at zero and they had to put in the work.

Click the button below to order today and get instant access… (The ACTION TAKERS will be rewarded!)

Normally: $247

Today: Only $97

You Have A Choice…

You can either do nothing…

Keep going exactly the way you have been…

Or, you can bet on yourself (and me), and invest in the coaching you need to take both your income and your career to the next level.

Imagine yourself one year from now…
Do you really want to look back and realize you’re no closer to reaching your goal of making a living from your music?

That you’re STILL stuck working the 9-5 grind with everybody else, while other artists (even those less talented than you) are enjoying the success you should have had?

Or, would you rather be in a position to FINALLY focus on your music full-time and do what it is you feel YOU WERE MEANT TO DO?

If your answer to that last question is a resounding ‘YES!’, then what are you waiting for?!? 👊

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To Your Dream,

-Rick Barker

P.S. One more thing… If you join me inside Social Media For Music today, I’ll also include these very special FREE bonuses:


Monthly Social Audit Sessions 👨💻

I will take submissions and I will do social audits on your profiles and provide you with my suggestions to improve your socials. This is something that usually only happens inside my All Access Coaching Program.


How to Register and Publish Your Music So You Get Paid 📝

If you’re a songwriter, producer, beatmaker, composer, or lyricist with ownership over your compositions, here you’ll discover how to earn the most money from your songs.


“Lifetime” Early Bird Pricing on Future Updates 💸

Things in the social media world are constantly changing.
That’s why I make it a point to keep myself up to date.

It’s also why I update Social Media For Music every single year.

If you order right now, you’ll not only get the 2021 training, but I’ll give you EARLY BIRD PRICING on all future updates.

That means every year from now on, for as long as I’m doing this business, you’ll have access to all of my latest tips, tricks, and strategies at a small cost and a mere fraction of what NEW members will have to pay.