Today I want to share with you a few Do’s and Don’ts when reaching out to someone you’d like to work with/industry professionals. You’d think some of this would be obvious, but I see these mistakes too often…


  1. If you’re going to ask people to listen to your music…

DO build a relationship first

DON’T send files

DO send a link

DON’T ask what they think – they may not know enough about you to give feedback OR it may be their job to give feedback on songs, why should they give it to you for free?


  1. If you want to reach out to work with someone or have them manage you…

DON’T just say “hi” or “hello” in a message – tell me what you want!

DO ask if they are accepting submissions, give them something of value, ask questions


  1. This one just happened a few days ago…

DON’T call someone by their personal number, tell them how great you are, then have them find out all of your numbers are fake. 

DON’T B.S. the system!

DO be professional and honest


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