American Idol, The Voice, The Launch…. the list goes on and on. There are so many TV talent shows out there but which one is right for you? On this episode of the Music Industry Blueprint Rick discusses the pro’s and con’s of TV talent shows and what marketing tools you need to have in place before your name goes up in lights. Listen in as Rick gives his expert advice on each TV show to help you decide which one would be the best fit for you.

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“Once the door opens and we put you in the door, the rest is on you.”

– Rick Barker

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Key Highlights:  

Understanding the purpose of TV talent shows

What you need to have in place before you go on a TV talent show

Which TV talent show is right for you


Time Stamps

03:18 – Things that you need to have set up before you go on a TV talent show

04:41 – Rick’s review of American Idol

05:23 – Rick’s review of The Voice

06:18 – Rick’s review of The Four

07:26 – Rick’s review of America’s Got Talent

07:56 – Rick’s favorite TV Talent Show – The Launch


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People Mentioned

Scott Borchetta from Big Machine Label Group


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