“Get your music on the radio.” “Build a management team.” There are a lot of outdated myths still floating around about how to be successful. In today’s age of technology, there are now numerous ways to become a well-known artist.

Today, Rick talks about ways to get your music out there using relevant methods such as social media outlets, hustle and hard work.



“Stop believing there’s some magic pill or magic formula. That magic formula is hard work.”

– Rick Barker

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Key Highlights:  

The endless resources you have on the internet

The outdated myths about how to become an artist and what you need to do to become more attractive to big music labels

Educating yourself through hands-on experience


Time Stamps
01:23 – Busting the myth of needing a team to be successful–you can do a lot with just your cell phone and hustle
03:13 – Why you don’t need radio play to be a successful artist
04:28 – Create a lot of music to feed people’s want to consume
07:41 – Make yourself irreplaceable by being the person who finishes


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