In today’s episode of the Music Industry Blueprint, Rick talks with Kyle “Circa” Lemaire, his good friend and founder of Indepreneur. They discuss the music industry, how it operates, and give advice on how to succeed in this world. They share the ins and outs of the business and the secrets that are often overlooked. You don't want to miss the nuggets of knowledge they drop in this episode. Tune in now!

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“Life is about finding meaning by figuring out how strong you can be, and musicians can be the best at that.”
-Kyle “Circa” Lemaire

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Time Stamps:

4:10 – Circa and Indepreneur

6:02 – History of the music industry

9:28 – The government controls what you get in royalties

16:51 – Advances come from engagement

21:09 – Superstars are business people, not just artists

24:48 – Spend money to gather an audience and point them to your products

34:48 – What Circa did with Indepreneur




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