On this episode of the Music Industry Blueprint, Rick passionately shares his thoughts on artists looking for validation. Artists must realize that they are the only ones that can make their goals and dreams happen.  Rick also discusses the work ethic and mindset that you need to make the right connections and be successful in the music industry.

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“If you are waiting for someone else to give you permission to achieve your goals and dreams…STOP IT.”
-Rick Barker

Music Industry Blueprint

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Time Stamps:

2:30 Why you don’t need anybody's validation

3:12 Do you have the skills that you need?

4:00 Is the system not working, or is it you that’s not working?

4:50 Having the right connections

5:50 Stand out! DO NOT BE GENERIC

7:41 Recap of this podcast’s key points

8:40 Don’t waste your time, educate yourself

9:20 How to approach professionals

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