Don’t know how to make it in the music industry? Today’s episode will show you how the music industry has changed for your benefit. Listen in as Rick sits down with Michael Elsner, a producer, songwriter, and author of The 4 Step Plan to Licensing Success. Michael explains why this is the golden age of music licensing as he gives his step-by-step process to getting started and succeeding through licensing.

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“Every part of a song can find a home.”
– Michael Elsner

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Time Stamps:

2:25 – From Michael’s pursuit of being a rock star to his introduction to licensing music

10:50 – Michael’s observations of artists that inspired him to music licensing

13:25 – We are in the golden age of music licensing

15:34 – Having a strategy to get music out there

16:19 – Writing elements of songs instead of whole songs

19:55 – It’s all about the elements and the placements

25:36 – The 4 step process of developing music for licensing

25:59 – Step 1: Build your catalog

27:51 – Step 2: Create valuable content (multiple mixes and placements)

28:31 – Step 3: Mastering metadata

39:23 – Step 4: Getting your music heard (working with producers)

47:45 – How the 4 step process sets you apart from other professionals

51:00 – Getting your music licensed by changing your approach — get Michael’s free e-book!



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