It pains me to see two people that worked together and helped support each other for YEARS now be working against each other. In the beginning they both took a chance on each other, helped the other grow in their careers, and ultimately spent many years working side by side in harmony. They both had good intentions for each other. They both did what they knew to be the music industry standard at the time. But now, years later fists are being thrown between two parties that would not be where they are today without the other. It's important to always keep in mind that our success is never just our own. It comes from those who have supported us in the beginning, helped along the way, and stayed through until the end. We couldn't do anything without the help and support of others. And in this instance, both parties seemed to have forgotten that.

And in the world we live in today, we also need to be careful of what we ask of our fans. For those of you that don't know, Taylor recently took to social media to ask her fans to let Scooter and Scott know how they felt about the whole ordeal. I know Taylor's heart and I'm sure she had no bad intentions but there are crazy fans out there that would do ANYTHING to get noticed by their role model. So with the scare at Big Machine last week where employees were receiving death threats, it was definitely a reminder of how careful we need to be when pulling people from the outside in to the middle of the fight that they know little about.


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