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Important Question for Indie Musicians and Producers:

If you knew there was a simple way to market yourself like a major label artist…without needing a major label…

Would you finally feel confident enough to go “all-in” and turn your music into a business that delivers you the freedom you want?

If you answered ‘YES’, then enter…


If you’d like to know how to turn your music into a profitable business and promote yourself like a major label artist (without needing the major label), then keep reading…

Here’s the scoop:

I’m Rick Barker. I’m the former manager of Taylor Swift and marketing consultant to the major record labels.  I’ve also helped thousands of indie artists turn their passion into a full-time income via my coaching programs.

Here’s why this important for you:

Most Indie Artists Aren’t Successful For One Main Reason…

Are you ready for this?

They don’t take the time to get good at the business side of the industry.  Because of this, they’re unable to build a large fan base and grow their music business in a way that is sustainable and produces results.

But that ends now.

Allow me to introduce The Music Marketing Vault…

The Music Marketing Vault reveals all of the most powerful music marketing strategies that are working today and that any indie artist can use to grow their fanbase and earn a living from their music.

It doesn’t matter if you’re brand new and don’t have more than 100 followers across all platforms right now.

Even if you feel stuck in overwhelm, confusion, or a pattern of lackluster results, the information inside The Music Marketing Vault will let you achieve results far beyond the average indie artist out there. 

Bottom line:

If you have the ‘it’ factor, the music, the drive, but you just can’t seem to find your fan base…

If they like and comment all over the place, but when you ask for the follow few of them do it…

If you’re transitioning from your day job to full-time musician…

If you’ve ever felt like there’s ‘not enough time’ or ‘not enough money’ to successfully promote your music…

If you’re scratching your head over all the apps or social media sites and don’t know where to focus…

If you struggle with knowing the next step (or whether the step you are currently taking is the right one)…

The Music Marketing Vault Is For You!

You could spend years – maybe decades – studying, testing, and refining like I have…

…or you can simply unlock The Vault!

You’re getting instant access to dozens of marketing strategies that will help you get more fans, sell more of your music, live events, and merchandise as soon as today.

I’ve made it simple so anyone can do it.

I don’t care if you’re tech averse, or you don’t even know how a hashtag works.

Even if it’s your first day in the business…

If you can follow step-by-step instructions…
The Vault can transform your career!

(And if you are already a successful artist, you’ll learn previously unknown strategies that will catapult your success into the stratosphere!)

Here’s a “sneak preview” of what’s inside:

Session 1 – Marketing Mindset

In this session, I’ll reveal everything you need to know to develop a marketing mindset that lets you promote your music profitably.

Topics include:

14 marketing mindset skills that let you outperform most other artists (If you’re struggling to find your fanbase, getting these dialed in will make all the difference.)

The single, critical key to effectively marketing your music (Do not use any of my music marketing strategies unless you’ve got this down first!)

The #1 thing the most successful indie artists all have in common (This simple mindset is what separates those who make a living as musicians from those who merely want to.)

What you are really “selling” in any email, video and social media post (and how this understanding will let you capture your audience’s attention.)

The biggest – and maybe most common – marketing mistake artists make that can destroy your promotion efforts (Beware…this route seems easier on the surface, but it could cost you big time.)

and more!

Session 2 – Email Marketing

Emails are the lifeline of your business. In this session, we’ll cover how to build a responsive email list, what to say/write to them, and how to automate everything to make your life easier.

You’ll discover:

Exactly what to say on your website to entice someone to give you their email address (Easier than you think. You’ll see real-life examples of artists like you who are using this method.)

The surprising reason why unsubscribes are your friend (And why you shouldn’t mind if they do hit that unsubscribe link.)

3 simple steps to turn your website visitors into paying customers.

Special bonus Q&A session covering ConvertKit (and how to set up an automated follow up sequence that sells for you while you sleep!)

and much more!

Session 3 – Discovery Marketing

What do people see when they “discover” you?

That’s what we discuss in this module. We’ll make sure when you are discovered they have no idea you are an indie artist!  We’ll also make sure that you look professional… and like someone worth a follow!

Topics include:

3 basics every indie artist needs to have on their website (Just having these three will set you apart from most indie musicians.. and it’s not hard to do!)

The number one rule you must follow when setting up your Facebook page (Plus, some simple ways to go beyond ‘likes’ and get more follows.)

A common “discovery phase” mistake that could be costing you fans! (Please…do NOT do this! Instead, do what I show you in the video and watch what happens.)

How to turn new fans into super fans in a way most artists never think about!

Special bonuses include a Q&A session and “discovery audits” guaranteed to save you time and money!

Session 4 – Instagram Marketing

Instagram is another powerful tool that lets you promote your music for free. Yet most musicians aren’t using it correctly. This session will change all that!

We’ll cover:

Free ways to use Instagram to grow your fanbase (and when you’re ready, how to pour fuel on the fire by running paid ads!)

Instantly effective ways to use stories and Instagram lives (and how to leverage these to attract a flood of new fans and followers)

Very simple tactic to find your ideal audience and grow your following (Anyone can do this…and there’s no limit to how often you can do it. You’ll kick yourself for not knowing this sooner!)

Little-known tricks to increase your results with Instagram.

3 things every indie artist must do if their goal is to build a large and engaged fanbase!

Session 5 – Facebook Marketing

Like it or not… if you want to successfully promote your music in today’s market, you need to be on Facebook. In this session, we’ll run down for you how to go from Facebook zero to hero in the shortest time possible.

You’ll discover:

Proven techniques indie musicians like you are using to create a massive impact with Facebook.

How to use another artist’s fanbase to grow your following (HINT: This has nothing to do with running ads to their fans!)

4 critical elements to Facebook marketing you can’t afford to overlook!

and much more!

Session 6 – Evergreen Marketing

What is evergreen marketing?

It’s stockpiling content you can reuse over and over so you’re never lost for what to post! In this session, we’ll go over my best tips and tricks to save you time and amplify your marketing efforts.

Topics include:

4 different types of evergreen content you can easily create starting today (…and they don’t take a lot of time either. In fact, once you get the hang of this, you’ll do it almost automatically!)

A little-known way to get more people interacting with your music (That you’ve probably never thought of! You’ll get a kick out of seeing your fans have fun with this.)

How to schedule your social media time so you don’t waste the precious few hours you have to promote your music! (You’ll be able to set a rhythm that keeps your fanbase engaged…even when you’re on holidays!)

Session 7 – Digital Service Provider Marketing

Digital Service Providers are the music stores of the 21st Century. They allow your music to be heard 24/7 and promote you to potential fans all over the world.

We’ll dive into iTunes and Amazon Music, and streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube Music that feature digital albums and singles.

You’ll discover:

How to turn your social platforms into your own personal radio station…for free!

How to integrate services like Soundcloud, Spotify, and Apple with your social media accounts (so fans can easily discover your music and you get more streams!)

An amazing new tool that lets you monetize your Twitter account (New ways for musicians to make money are becoming available all the time. My job is to show you how to use them!)

Session 8 – Tour Marketing

There are so many things you can do to promote both your “In Person” and “Online” Live shows. The good news is you don't have to be in a city to do it. In this session, we’ll cover some of the best tour marketing strategies that are working right now.


A simple 4 -step process for using social media to promote a live show (Any live show is a great marketing opportunity. Here’s how to build excitement and get the most out of every performance)

How to market your show and grow your social media following at the same time!

The best kind of footage to shoot at a live venue (Plus, what not to shoot when you’re live…which, unfortunately, a lot of artists do, and it doesn’t work!)

The simple little tip that lets you profit more from each show…before you’ve played a single note!

A 3-second “trick” which guarantees your post will be seen by the right people

An amazing case study that shows you how to quickly attract new fans, followers, and get your music heard! (You’ll be blown away by what this artist is doing! Best part? You can do it too)

And more!

Session 9 – TikTok Marketing

TikTok has become the largest Social Media Platform for Music Discovery. It is a live party 24/7 and is the fastest and easiest way to get strangers to engage with your music. BrandMan Sean shares several strategies you can start using on TikTok today.

You’ll discover:

Clear and straightforward advice to help you better understand this platform (What it wants…how to get your music on TikTok…and how often you should post are just a few examples.)

Why duets are one of the most important ways for artists to promote themselves on TikTok (And how you too can use this incredibly fun music marketing technique.)

The cheapest way to get new fans (If you’re not currently doing this, you’re missing out!)

A brief tutorial on getting the most out of hashtags (Hashtags work in various ways on different platforms but are still important on TikTok. Here’s how to up your hashtag game!)

And more!

Session 10 – YouTube Marketing

YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine and accounts for over 5 BILLION video views per day. It’s one of the main ways today’s fan discovers new music.

In this session, we’re joined by special guest instructor Omari Moore who’s helped over 15,000 artists promote their music through custom advertising campaigns.

We’ll go over what it takes to have a successful presence on YouTube.

Topics include:

How to arrange it so more people watch your videos and visit your YouTube page (A must for new artists. This is how you get eyeballs.)

The “no fuss, no brainer” way to come up with killer headline hooks by the dozen (Almost no one else does this!)

A simple headline formula you can use today to get more clicks (Great way to get more attention for your music.)

The danger of advertising on only one platform (Don’t put all your eggs in one basket! Here’s why this can be career suicide)

A Special Bonus Session with Andrew Southworth on how to set up your YouTube Ad step-by-step from scratch! (It doesn’t matter if you’re tech averse and you’ve never built an ad before…do what Andrew shows you in the training and you’ll be set up better than 90% of other advertisers out there.)

And more!

Okay, there’s a taste of what’s in The Music Marketing Vault.

Here’s the other Modules inside:

Pre-Release Marketing

Post Release Marketing

Messenger Marketing

PR Marketing

Merchandise Marketing

PLUS: You're also getting…


Business Set-Up Training

Audience Engagement Training

Updates and Resources

There are 15 sessions in all featuring music industry contributors like Ariel Hyatt and JR McKee…

And, each one can help you sell more music, get more streams, reach new audiences, grow your fanbase, sell out live shows, monetize your music and earn a nice full-time income doing what you love most.

Anyway, here’s the deal:

Until now, this level of access to everything I know about music marketing has been reserved for a select few of my management clients, who’ve paid $2,500-$181,500+ (and up) to learn these methods.

But you don’t have to pay anywhere near that if you take action today.

The Music Marketing Vault retails for $1,997 but, on this page only for a limited time, you can get instant access for just three payments of $397 $197!

Let me explain: You pay $197 today, $197 thirty days later and the final payment of $197 thirty days after that. And before you ask… YES, the ENTIRE Vault is unlocked with your first payment 🙂

*The only difference is there is not a 30-day money back guarantee with the payment option, as it is not fair to the people who paid one time up front.

Retail: $1,997

Today: Just Three Payments of

$397 $197

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