What Are You Doing Now, To Protect Your Future?

There are a lot of people having to make a switch and continue forward despite the situation changing. Myself included! I’m part of several mastermind groups that usually meet a couple times a year, and now they’re all having to be virtual.

Virtual events may not be the same as being in person, but if you go into it the right way, sometimes it’s better because there are less distractions!

There are several ways artists can adapt to the current situation, such as:

  • Live Streams
  • Pop Up Shows
  • Drive-In Shows
  • Personal Video Messages
  • Selling CDs
  • Creating bundles

All of this gives you an opportunity to connect with your fans and tell your story about this process! 

You can really use this time to your advantage to better your skills, learn more, get creative, and stand out. Find out where the weaknesses were in your business, and take this time to work on them! 

If you feel like building your fanbase is something you want to work on right now, head to SocialMediaForMusic.com for a brand new Free Training. I’d love to help you make money as a 21st century musician!

– RB