In today’s episode, Rick talks about the way the music industry has changed with the growth of technology. With an audience at your fingertips at all times, utilizing social media to engage with people is a necessity for growing your fan base. Rick explains just how you can use the internet to share your music and your message every second of every day.



“You have the ability to directly connect with your fans on a minute by minute, second by second basis.”

– Rick Barker


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Key Highlights:

How technology has changed the opportunity for exposure

Why this is the most EXCITING time to be an artist

The value of engaging with fans

Using your music as marketing material to get your name out there in the industry


01:20 – How technology has changed the music business and how social media is creating amazing opportunities for young artists to reach a global audience
04:06 – The importance of engagement rather than views to get the conversation started with your customers

05:58 – How to share your music using social media

08:09 – Creating content that makes people passionate, changes lives, and leaves a lasting impact


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