On this episode of the Music Industry Podcast, Rick interviews Chris Greenwood aka Manafest, music marketing genius and indie artist. Chris shares his successes as an artist and how his business – Smart Music Business – has helped other artists achieve the same level of success. Tune in to get the practical advice that will help you in the long run.

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“A band got 10 million streams and the label gets all of that. I’m about to get 10 million and I get all of that.”
-Chris Greenwood

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Time Stamps:

1:45 – Chris Greenwood and his career

7:03 – Putting old songs to work

9:30 – Why Chris felt it was important to spend money to get the audience

12:26 – Getting the audience to participate in a transaction with you

15:14 – How does Chris get the people to buy from him

19:11 – Chris’ way of touring




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