Today on the Music Industry Blueprint Rick explains the one mental mindset shift that will allow you to make massive progress in your personal development. For many, the one thing that is stopping them from taking the leap is the cost. However, changing how you view the cost of a coach, or a training course from an expense to a solution will allow you to take the leap you may be scared to make right now.

On this episode, Rick shares a new way to look at the cost of investing in yourself and the recent investment he has made in himself that was actually less than he expected!

“Start looking at things as solutions”
-Rick Barker

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[spp-timestamp time=”1:40″] What the noise in the latest episode, on time management for artists

[spp-timestamp time=”2:23″] Sudio Headphones. use MIBpodcast for 15% off

[spp-timestamp time=”7:00″] $20,000 for 8 hours.

[spp-timestamp time=”8:50″] Looking at products and services as solutions

[spp-timestamp time=”9:33″] The best thing that ever happened to Rick




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