On this episode of The Music Industry Blueprint, Rick sits down with Scotty Huff, a jack of all trades.  Scotty is a fellow podcaster that is a singer, songwriter, record producer and musician. He shares why it is so important to know your personal limitations when it comes to your talents. Also, stay tuned to find out if horns are making a come back in country music.

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“Know your strengths but more importantly know your weaknesses.”
-Scotty Huff

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Time Stamps:

1:57 Scotty Huff’s journey to Nashville

5:38 What not to do when you come to Nashville

6:28 Why you need to know your strengths and weaknesses

7:22 Why you shouldn’t let others push you into opportunities that don’t fit you

11:09 Scotty Huff’s current projects

11:30 Are horns making a comeback?


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