Have you ever been judged for something before you were given the opportunity to prove yourself? On this podcast, Rick shares his past trials and tribulations when he was Taylor Swift’s manager. He discusses the ridicule he got for approaching things differently. Rick also discusses the recent comments on Bobby Bones as the American Idol mentor.
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Too many people have opinions but not many people have the research to back that opinion.”
-Rick Barker

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Key Highlights:  

⇾Find out some of the things that Rick went through early on as Taylor Swift’s manager

⇾Understand why Bobby Bones is an amazing mentor and great fit for American Idol

⇾Discover why Rick makes all of his artists listen to the Bobbycast

Time Stamps:

[spp-timestamp time=”2:40″]Rick’s experiences with being judged by others
[spp-timestamp time=”4:08″] Bobby Bones strengths as a mentor on American Idol
[spp-timestamp time=”4:45″] People questioning Bobby Bones as a mentor
[spp-timestamp time=”5:35″] Rick’s experiences on American Idol
[spp-timestamp time=”6:11″] Rick’s relationship with Bobby Bones
[spp-timestamp time=”6:56″] Review of Bobbycast- Why Rick makes all of his artists listen to it
[spp-timestamp time=”7:31″] Let’s show support and stop the negativity
[spp-timestamp time=”8:16″] Trent Harmon’s new releases and return to American Idol




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