“Don’t take things personally!” Sometimes that’s easier said than done. On today’s show, Rick gives us some insight on why we shouldn't take things so personally when it comes to the music industry. He shares some great information on how to get your music solicited, what expos you should be attending and why you should not act “out of character” on social media. If you have been trying to get off the unsolicited list and into the ears of a record label president, this one is for you.


“When you are interacting with someone in the industry and something does not go the way you want it to go… don’t show a side of you… that someone will not want to work with, don't take it personal.”

-Rick Barker

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Key Highlights:  
⇾Rick share the best way to get off the unsolicited material list
⇾Find out some great events for songwriters to get discovered
⇾Understand why you can not take things personally in the music industry

Time Stamps:

1:32 What is considered unsolicited material? And why

3:22 The best way to get solicited

4:12 Take the advice that people give you and educate yourself

5:50 The 2nd best way to get solicited

6:48 To get more knowledge you have to spend time or money or both

10:06 If someone has invested in me, I am obligated to invest in them

11:55 In the music industry you can NOT take things personally



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